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To solve this, you need to right click on the game in Origin and select repair.  One of many, many annoying problems.


Comments on: "BF3: “Waiting for you to finish the installation”" (15)

  1. thanks heaps for posting this, and thanks to google for indexing your post… why on earth could i not find any basic info on a new installation of BF3 not working anywhere else on the www?!!!

  2. nice you start working for EA

  3. FerricFelix said:

    Thanks a lot for the post, nice to know that a simple update is just too hard for EA to do properly.

    • Tell me about it, there was an update last night for the game, but if I clicked Update Game, it said there was no update. I was only able to get the patch by repairing the game again.

  4. Thank you! How the hell was this simple instruction not announced? I have been sitting here for two hours trying to find a way around it. I nearly had to spend the night talking to my gf. 😉

  5. LiquidClown said:

    Thanks so much for this. Origin sucks. I click check for updates and nope it’s up to date I follow your instructions and find I need11GBs? Yeah that sounds up to date.

  6. Nicolas said:

    Thx for posting this!!

  7. MeanM0F0 said:

    Thanks mate

  8. Thank you sososososo………………………… much. You are such a helpful guy…. million thanks

  9. I guess I would have never figured out until hours of trying. Thank you so much for posting this 😀

  10. I must have repaired 3-5 times now, and no change.
    could there be another way to solve this?

    • This worked for me each time I installed BF3 (twice), so I’m not sure why it isn’t working. However, it’s very possible something changed in Origin in the meantime.

  11. Henz Solovij said:

    Slick website and solid advice – i too am stuck repairing – glad that at least SOMEONE knows what to do.

    Nice SEO .

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