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Although I don’t mind most changes Google makes to their UIs from time to time, the removal of keyboard navigation from search results was really annoying.  It’s actually still there, as I found out by reading this thread.  However, right arrow navigation (for previews) is now gone and to get up/down arrow functionality, you have to hit Tab once after hitting Enter to search.  Apparently, the up/down navigation system wasn’t intuitive and users wanted to use up/down to scroll the page instead (also, it’s part of their clean & simple UI redesign).  Using the up and down arrow keys is probably one of the worst ways to scroll.  It takes forever.  One of the few times it’s useful is when you’re reading an article and you only want to move up or down one or two lines.  What is unintuitive about hitting up or down to move through results?  Chances are, what you’re looking for is going to be at the top of the results page anyway.

I suppose it’s not that big of a deal to hit Tab and then up/down, but still, it’s very annoying to have to hit extra keys just because Joe User can’t “figure it out.”  At least give power users an options page where we can turn this stuff on.


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