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Do you remember in elementary school when your teachers taught you the difference between your, you’re, its, it’s, etc.?  I can tell you right now–a rather large portion of the population quickly forgot it.  Permanently.  If you don’t believe me, look at comments on Youtube, posts in social media networks, IMs, etc. and see for yourself.  My eyes bled out a long, long time ago from seeing the atrocious grammar mistakes people make every, single day.  “Your a great commentator, Husky, keep it up!”  “Your an idiot!”  You get the idea.

Then there’s…well, there’s.  You know how the apostrophe sometimes indicates a shortened word (AKA a contraction)?  It seems the majority of the population seems to have forgotten that.  And by majority, I mean everyone–including professional writers, editors, screenwriters, PR reps–everyone.  “Well, the player will have several options.  There’s ways to get around…”  “There’s cars that are affordable and have less of an effect on the environment.”  Don’t these people understand they sound like they came from the ghetto or something?  They are saying, “There is ways…”  What the devil is wrong with everyone?  More importantly, how could that mistake possibly be printed and spoken all over the place, even in professional environments?!

I want to throttle these people and force them to retype every single mistake to hammer it into their thick skulls.  But I know it won’t do any good.  “Grammar nazi!”  (Or, more likely, “Grammer nazi!”).  Various curse words.  You get the picture.  Although the Internet is great for “hearing” others, sometimes the sheer size of it makes it almost impossible to get things you feel strongly about “out there.”  This is one of those things.

Speaking of cursing, there is way, way too much of it.  While I completely agree that they are just words, sounds coming out of mouths, there’s more to it than that.  Conversations, especially over the ‘Net, simply degrade into curse-fests, where everyone seems to be trying to fit the most swearing they can into each post in various combinations.  In certain circumstances, I will say that cursing can be very, very funny.  However–it can be taken too far.  Not to mention, I think it’s cheap.  I would rather spend a few hours coming up with a nice insult with no profanity, than resort to cursing.  That might be one reason why people like it though; it’s easier and faster to just reach in their grab bag of choice phrases and let it spew out of their mouths instead of taking the time to think up a good insult (or even better, a civilized reply).  It’s just totally out of control and no one is willing to curb their cursing or that of others.


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