Adapt > Engage > Dominate

Just a little thing I noticed long ago–chess is beast.  Not only has it been proven that it improves math skills, but I would wager that it improves programming skill, too.  The two activities are more alike than many people may realize at first.  Consider:

  • Both happen almost exclusively in your head
  • Both require clear, logical thinking
  • Both require optimization
  • Both require pattern recognition
  • Both reuse and refine past solutions
  • Both have the ability to be shared through a common notation system
  • Both require creativity

And so on.  I find it a shame that schools don’t require students to take either chess or programming classes (or both).  Considering the abysmal thinking skills of the vast majority of people, you would think schools would jump at the chance to improve their students’ minds.  Sadly, chess is deemed too boring, hard, and incomprehensible and programming is deemed too boring, hard, and incomprehensible (and sometimes too nerdy).  So, for now at least, we’re stuck with people who go for 2 for 1 sales of things they don’t need, voters who go for the most handsome candidate, people making decisions based on emotions, etc.


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