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Bit Masking

Bit masking is the stuff seen in calls to certain DirectX functions and many other functions in many libraries.  Function( Something | something else | something other ).  The enum values must be powers of 2 or masking will fail.  Take 10 and 101, OR them together -> 111.  Now try and use bit masking with 100.  100 AND 111 -> 100.  So we are getting a false positive because 100 or 4 is not a power of 2.  One way to easily enter this into enums is to do 0, 1 << 0, 1 << 1, 1 << 2, etc.  This shifts the 1 bit over by the number on the right, giving a power of 2 value and a relatively clear and readable way to generate values usable for masking.  Library here for typesafe bitwise ops based on enums.


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