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Let’s get “other” out of the way first.

  • PDC 111 – Success Strategies:  Ok, let me put it this way…while I can understand why it’s taught, it wasn’t useful for me.  Basically, this class teaches you different ways to learn, ways to organize what you’ve learned, how to manage your time, how to study effectively, etc.  Now, if you are German, like me, there is no need for this–sit down, learn the stuff, do the work, be the best at it–finished.  However, there’s not too much classwork, which you might appreciate if you’re taking four classes during the semester in which you take this.
  • PDC 200 – Career Management:  Resume building, learning about your career, how to improve your chances, and how to interview well.  A lot of the topics I was familiar with already, but the class wasn’t completely useless, either.  If you already research what you have to do to get a job in the games industry, you’ve pretty much aced this class already.  One notable thing was that you do a mock phone interview with the professor; you do need to prepare HR-applicable answers.  The final paper was a sort of “what have you learned” essay complete with extensive rewriting of things you already knew (if you are intelligent at all)–which is probably why I didn’t do well enough on it.  I’m guessing I was just tired of saying everything yet again.

And now for humanities.  Ugh.  Sorry, I do like reading a great deal, but you know, well..ugh.

  • ENG 121 – College Writing I:  You practice writing.  And grammar.  It seems a lot of people today cannot write well.  I don’t know why, but there it is.  I’m kind of sick of writing in English classes, if you didn’t already guess.  Although I don’t mind writing in German, projects or essays, that is.  The professor was nice, however, so it wasn’t too gruesome.
  • ENG 122 – College Writing II:  Again, writing and I believe some additional topics, including grammar (again) and writing styles.  The professor was ok, so, again, it wasn’t too gruesome.
  • ENG 302 – Public Speaking:  I hate speaking.  Must be an engineer/programmer thing.  In this class we researching speaking techniques and filmed three short speeches on topics of our choice in front of a small (three person) audience.  Outlines and research for all the topics had to be completed for each one as well.  I suppose it wasn’t too bad, but on the other hand, I don’t feel like I’m better at speaking, so…meh.
  • HUM 400 – Creative and Critical Thinking:  You’ll write a few essays, including a persuasive one (with research), if I remember correctly.  Emphasis in this class was more on thinking clearly and logically, something most people have problems with.  Become Spock and this class should be easy.
  • SOC 121 – Human Relations: Coaster class.  You read about human relations issues, how to deal with people, adjust your personality to your audience, etc.–basically stuff that you should already know.  However, with the millions of people who rage when they don’t get 50 cents off of that toothpaste on sale or who quit after being killed one time in a CoD match, I guess it’s a good idea to attempt to improve students’ people skills.
  • SOC 401 – Survey of Research Methodologies: Fairly innocuous, but includes yet another essay.  Survey of Research Methodologies has you studying ways to collect and analyze data, ethical practices when carrying out studies, and other similar topics.  And of course, as mentioned, there’s a nice big essay due at the end of the class.  Since this program is a much more technically-oriented one, I would surprised that they didn’t teach students methods of researching and writing papers up on technical topics.  Similar techniques are used for some aspects of the process, but there are several differences.
  • LIT 415 – Science Fiction and Fantasy: Surprisingly nice.  I had already read Ender’s Game, but I didn’t mind rereading it.  Heinlein’s Starship Troopers had some interesting parts, but it didn’t really stand out to me as anything earth-shattering.  We had a text of compiled short stories from different time periods in addition to the novels.  The text, in my opinion, ended up being far more interesting.  We read a selection of stories from the text, but I finished up most of the rest on my own.  There were more essays (/groan), but overall this class was a nice change of pace from the major-oriented classes and rather enjoyable.

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