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Only two in this category:

  • APM 300 – Introduction to Business:  Survey course of business strategies, marketing, employee motivation, etc.  A decent bit of reading, but nothing extreme.  If you keep up with business topics or have your own business, you’ll be familiar with the info already.
  • APM 381 – Project Management:  As I suspected, you learn MS Project, although that’s not the focus of the course.  You learn the techniques used by project managers to track and organize projects.  For me, the book become kind of dull and boring after the first few weeks.  It’s not bad, but this kind of stuff isn’t exactly jump-out-your-chair-exciting.  You carry out tasks for a fictional project using Project and tracking/management techniques learned in class.  This is done throughout the term, so it’s not a giant end-of-term assignment like most projects.

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