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This blog is aimed primarily at one person, me.  I do not expect anyone to be the slightest bit interested in what I do or have to say, but if by chance you are interested, please feel free to cruise through my poor scribblings.  My hobbies are many and varied, which will hopefully provide a decent base on which to start this blog.  They include (but are certainly not limited to): chess, math, programming (C++ and DirectX mostly), literature, languages, and witty quotes.

If you happen to spot any lapses related to accuracy, spelling/grammar, etc., please excuse them–it’s always easy to let mistakes slip by when doing something like this.  As some of my posts may be in German, be prepared for some extra grammar mistakes and Bavarian slang; the US is, unfortunately, not much of a multi-lingual nation and it can be difficult to practice and listen to languages other than English.

Finally, since I am not writing to an audience, some posts may be rather terse and concise.  I don’t believe in writing an essay when two words may suffice.  Happy reading!


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